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wiring problem: 120V to 12V Halogen Ceiling Lights with transformer

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Hi, I am trying to install a halogen pendant light in my kitchen, however, I have no idea how to connect the wires. Here is the installation manual for the fixture.

The fixture comes with a transformer, it have 2 red wires, 1 white wire and 1 black wire.

The 12V lighting comes with 1 white wire and 1 black wire.

The normal power cable have 1 white wire, 1 black wire and ground.

How do I connect them?

The stupid installation manual never talk about the red wires in the transformer, do you guys have any suggestion? Actually, it is my first time to install a 12V halogen light. :blush:

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What wires are factory connected already? It looks like two of the wires from the transformer are already attached to the two wires that lead to the bulb, no?
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