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wiring problem: 120V to 12V Halogen Ceiling Lights with transformer

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Hi, I am trying to install a halogen pendant light in my kitchen, however, I have no idea how to connect the wires. Here is the installation manual for the fixture.

The fixture comes with a transformer, it have 2 red wires, 1 white wire and 1 black wire.

The 12V lighting comes with 1 white wire and 1 black wire.

The normal power cable have 1 white wire, 1 black wire and ground.

How do I connect them?

The stupid installation manual never talk about the red wires in the transformer, do you guys have any suggestion? Actually, it is my first time to install a 12V halogen light. :blush:

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Based upon your description, my guess would be that you connect either red wire to the black wire from the lamp, and the other red wire to the white wire of the lamp.

Then connect the black wire from the transformer to the black 120V power cable, and the white wire from the transformer to the white 120V wire.

But, the instructions make me see how you got confused.

Black Wire = 120V
White Wire = 12V
Factory Connected

Use Wire Nuts To Connect
WHITE Wires To Each End
Of Separated White Wires
It sounds like the wires to the lamp should have been factory connected..? I have a hard time believing that the white wire from the transformer is 12V, though who knows.

Can you post a pic of the markings on the transformer, or describe them if not?
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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