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wiring pool heat pump in Ontario

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I'll be getting this work inspected so I need to do it right. I have the simplified code book but there's no reference to a pool heat pump. The unit I have requires 240V on a min 50A breaker.
1. I have about 25ft to the unit to run so I'm assuming 6awg is ok. It needs to run outside and I can't trench it so it will be inside a conduit.
2. Any unique requirement in regards to the conduit?
3. Another assumption I'm making is that it needs a disconnect switch next to the unit similar to an AC?
4. Does the breaker need to be a GFCI breaker?

Appreciate any advice, confirmations or corrections.


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I just now am seeing this, don't know why only now.

  • Yes, #6 is ok.
  • As for the conduit above ground, dunno - why can't trench it?
  • Whether required or not, I would put a disconnect for ease of service reasons. I have had one nearby the equipment of the pools I have had and used it.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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