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wiring pool heat pump in Ontario

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I'll be getting this work inspected so I need to do it right. I have the simplified code book but there's no reference to a pool heat pump. The unit I have requires 240V on a min 50A breaker.
1. I have about 25ft to the unit to run so I'm assuming 6awg is ok. It needs to run outside and I can't trench it so it will be inside a conduit.
2. Any unique requirement in regards to the conduit?
3. Another assumption I'm making is that it needs a disconnect switch next to the unit similar to an AC?
4. Does the breaker need to be a GFCI breaker?

Appreciate any advice, confirmations or corrections.


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In case someone else is wondering...

1. 6 gage is fine, mostly because of the amperage, not the length.
2. Doesn't need to be in a conduit if it's rated for outdoor, don't remember the specifc type???
3. Still unsure about the disconnect switch.
4. GFI breaker is only required if the heat pump is within 10ft of the pool.

Not sure why I didn't get a response to this since the forum seems fairly active. Is it a newbie thing? Is there an etiquette that I didn't follow?

Oh well...
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