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Wiring new oven

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I am replacing a wall oven. The new oven has 4 wires (black, white, red, bare). The wall has 3 wires (black, white, bare). The directions show how to wire to a 3 wire, but their diagram shows a black, white and red at the wall. I read that 240 doesn’t have a neutral. Is the white wire from the wall live as well as the black? If so, I am guessing black to black, red from oven to white at wall and white and bare from the oven to bare at the wall. Any help would be appreciated.
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I'll confirm what fishbulb and rjniles say. This type of wiring is legal for a 240V-only oven, which may have been what came out. However, 240V-only ovens do not support common-as-dirt incandescent lights for oven lights (unless they include a transformer, which is unusual).

The only reason your new oven wants neutral is for the oven light and possibly controls. Either consult the manufacturer or get a different oven.

However, there are other serious problems with the workmanship in your photo.

- The cable is too short. It needs 6" of free length beyond the end of the sheath.
- The cable enters the junction box without a cable clamp on the sheath.
- The top knockout, well, the oven may use that.
- There is no physical protection for the cable.

Also watch your amps and wire size. Your cable smells like 12 AWG, which is too light for a 24A oven (but fine for a 16A oven). You'd be better off installing 10/3 cable, as that is more versatile and will support other ovens. Even better is 8/3 since that will support combo range/ovens.
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