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Wiring new oven

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I am replacing a wall oven. The new oven has 4 wires (black, white, red, bare). The wall has 3 wires (black, white, bare). The directions show how to wire to a 3 wire, but their diagram shows a black, white and red at the wall. I read that 240 doesn’t have a neutral. Is the white wire from the wall live as well as the black? If so, I am guessing black to black, red from oven to white at wall and white and bare from the oven to bare at the wall. Any help would be appreciated.
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jpbr: Besides the number of conductors needed to hook it up properly we should also be told what the electrical requirements are on this oven so we can advise the size of the conductors needed and the rating of the circuit breaker needed to hook it up safely and properly. Just running wires to have 120/240v is not the right way to go unless you know the other specs needed.

Can you post a brand and model number of the oven.
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