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I've bought a brand new raised ranch in July with an unfinished 25'x30' room that I wish to turn into a pool room. A 9' table requires a 15'x20' open space, which can be satisfied. I have little construction history, but I am very handy, and I don't doubt that I can do all of the work myself. I just need your help in discussing pitfalls and advice that come from the experience that I don't have.

I've started by taking a panaromic picture of the room and using Microsoft paint to create an artists conception.


As the pictures show, the main propane gas line sticks out a bit. The idea is to create symmetrical build-outs with sconces, and turn the concrete wall into the top of wainscoting.

I'd like to do the electrical work myself. I'd like to wire up recepticles for the sconces, a few outlets above the 4' concrete walls, and some light switches for overhead lights and a dimmer for the sconces. What are the pitfalls that I need to be aware of for East Taunton, Massachusetts?

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