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Wiring in new kitchen island light

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I took out a 4 lamp fluorescent fixture and am putting in a new incandescent one. There are two wall switches that run this fixture. I'm confused by the wiring.

There's conduit with three orange and one black and one white.

Two oranges and the black run through the junction box unbroken. I have two white ends and one orange to work with.

The new light has two sets of wires, each with a black and a white. One set has a ground and then there's a ground wire and screw to the fixture.

No ground wires showing in the ceiling junction box.

My knowledge is limited to matching colors and the mechanics of how to join wires, so if you reply pleas know that I won't know much of the terminology. Pictures

new fixture picture
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How was the old light wired up?
I would guess that the orange would connect to the 2 blacks, and all the white wires connect to each other.
The ground wire gets connected to the metal box.
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