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Wiring help

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I have four switches that work a fan and light combo. One of the switches just works the fan and the other three work the light. I was wondering how to take one of the light switches and wire recessed light up to it
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Why is there three switchs to run just one light?
Do you want all the lights to come on at the same time? (including the light in the fan)
It depends on how the switches are wired. It is very likely that you can not do what you want without some new cabling to the switches.
No I want to be able to turn them on separate
Then you will need to find a power source and run new cables.
Got any ideas how I can run a new wire from the breaker box. It's a two story house and the breaker box and living room are on the lower floor
You may not even need to go to the panel, depending on the existing and new load.
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The only things on the circuit is the fan. Where could I get the power from
I think the plug ins are on the same circuit and I only have a tv and and cable box plugged up
So does anybody else have any ideas how to do this
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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