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I have an old electric Mira shower 240v 7kw which is now disconnected.
I would like to install a small electric radiator 230v 300w.

Can I use the same cable which connected the shower to connect the radiator instead?

Many Thanks.

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Well, considering that the cable to feed a 7000 watt load is considerably larger than one that would be needed to feed a 300 watt load, it could be done I guess, but it would be a pain.

Some of those towel warmers have very small junction boxes. This may be an issue.

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Are you in USA or in European area?

It can be done however the conductor size it will raise ugly " rear end " with connection if the shower oringal conductors were at #8 { 10mm²} it can be very tricky to termatation to the towel racks due the junction box it can be pretty small { I allready did see it before it is not any bigger than 3/4 size of the handibox size }

However if You are in UK that circuit it still must be on RCD{ GFCI }.

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