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wiring for undercabinet lighting with walls open

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I've been googling for a while and not finding much useful information, everythign I find seems to be for adding in undercabinet lighting to a finished kitchen.

I have my walls totally open and would like to add two sets of undercabinet lighting, one for each side of the room (galley kitchen layout).

I'd like each set controlled by it's own switch (one switch by sink and other switch by stove).

Each side of the room has a "gap" in the cabinets so wiring will have to be in wall. (One gap is the sink and the other gap is the stove)

Could someone explain to me how and where to run the wiring? I obviously will run 14/2 to each switch, but from there should i run 14/2 to a junction box on each side which will be behind the cabinets and then run 14/2 to each section of undercabinet that will be controlled by that switch and just leave the wire sticking out of the wall at the height of the bottom of the cabinet for my rough inspection?

would love any help!
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