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I am installing an Ultra Aire 120H with their DEH 3000 controller. I’m going to run it independent of my hvac system and use it for humidity control and to bring in fresh air. To feed the dehumidifier, I’ll have a 6” flex duct bringing in fresh air from the outside (via a manual damper) and a 10” duct will pull off the return plenum. The dehumidified air will go into the supply plenum via a 10” duct with a gravity damper.

The unit won’t be wired to the hvac system at all. Can you help me make sure I wire it correctly so the DEH 3000 can control the dehumidification and the fresh air intake? Looking at all the various wiring options I’m confused at how many wire connections I’ll need and how to hook them up correctly. Thanks!


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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