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Wiring for Garage Door Opener

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Hey everyone. I've looked around online and don't know how to find the answer to this relatively simple question so here it is. I have a liftmaster 8355w garage door opener and I need to replace the wire that connects the opener with the keypad. By looking at the print I have determined that it appears to be 22 gauge, 2 conductor wire (fine print on wire says "22 AWG"). My question is, is it required that I replace this wire with a wire of exactly the same specs, or can I use something like 20 gauge? What if any impact would there be - just curious.

Thanks in advance guys.
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Yes, you can use a larger wire, if fact if the distance is unusually long it is preferred. But keep in mind that some operators use wire connections that are push-in and the larger wire may not fit and/or be held in place adequately.
If you have screw terminals there should be no problem.
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