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Wiring a Speedaire 4b233e motor

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Hello All, new to the forum...lots of great info here.

My question is about wiring the motor on my Speedaire compressor.

I have a dedicated 20 amp 2 pole breaker , 12 wire to the pressrue switch as well as out to the motor. I am confident that I have the switch wired correctly.

I thought I wired the pressure switch out to the motor correctly but tonight I hit the power and the breaker kicked after 10 seconds , so obviously something is not right. here is a pic of the wiring diagram on the motor and the motor itself.
There are 3 empty spade terminals...not sure which to use to wire this 220v

Any help is appreciated


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The motor is presently connected for 115 volts. Applying 240 to it will result in way more current than it can handle, thus tripping the breaker.

To connect it for 230 volts, first remove the brown wire from its post. Next, remove the white wire from its post and push it onto the post the brown wire was on. Then, either find a place near the bottom of the terminal box that has a plastic post and push the brown wire onto it or just tape up the end of the brown wire so that it cannot touch any other terminal.

One of the incoming power wires goes to one of the terminals with a nut, the other incoming power wire goes to the other terminal with a nut.

Thanks Rob...I had a feeling it was set up that way.

Do I have to attach the wires to the post w/ the nuts or can I connect to the spade terminals @ each nut ?

I will switch it around tonight and give it a whirl.
Got it wired up....ran it a 1/2 hr to break it in...all is good.

thanks again for the help.:thumbup:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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