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Hello! Looking for some wiring help as I'm in over my head.

I'm replacing a burnt out fan/light combo in the bathroom and the new wiring doesn't jive with what was mangled together in the old unit.

I have two switches in the room. One for the vanity light, and one for this fan/light combo. At one point in time I think the installer had intended the light switch to turn on both the vanity and fan lights, and have the second switch do the fan. If this is doable I think that would be great, but I'd be happy to just have it working at this point.

I haven't traced the wires back to see which does what but I can do to some trial and error to figure it out.

Installation manual -

Here's the wiring diagram from the installation manual:

Here's a cleaned up diagram of what I have to work with

Here's a photo of the 3 sets of wires coming from the ceiling.
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