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Wiring a new living room addition

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Hey guys and gals. I am working on building a basement renovation for a buddy of mine and we are putting in 6 recessed lights. I think I will run that circuit on a straight 15 amp circuit. We are installing a fireplace in the room as well and the fireplace will have an electronic ignition switch and a rotary dimmer switch for the blower motor. How do I wire that up to the lights using the lights as the main power supply for the other two switches. I am then going to run 8 electrical outlets on the walls for outlets and such.
Main question--should I use the outlets as my power supply for the fireplace and blower or the lights? I am using 14/2 or 14/3 where needed on the lights and probably 14/2 on the outlets.
Hopefully this makes some sense
Here is a sketch up of the room.


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If it is an electric fireplace you would need a dedicated circuit for because those things are usually a pretty high current item.
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