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Wiring a new living room addition

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Hey guys and gals. I am working on building a basement renovation for a buddy of mine and we are putting in 6 recessed lights. I think I will run that circuit on a straight 15 amp circuit. We are installing a fireplace in the room as well and the fireplace will have an electronic ignition switch and a rotary dimmer switch for the blower motor. How do I wire that up to the lights using the lights as the main power supply for the other two switches. I am then going to run 8 electrical outlets on the walls for outlets and such.
Main question--should I use the outlets as my power supply for the fireplace and blower or the lights? I am using 14/2 or 14/3 where needed on the lights and probably 14/2 on the outlets.
Hopefully this makes some sense
Here is a sketch up of the room.


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Depends on amperage of firplace motor. It might be best on the lighting circuit, since this would probabaly have the lowest amp draw. Tv, cable, surround sound etc if not all lreadythough about could be added to the outlet circuit in the future. These circuits will have to be arch fault protected, so it would be better to use 14-2 for home runs.
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