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I have rewired many switches, but this one surprised me.
Have a motion detector switch that went bad. I want to replace it with a single pole switch. I expected a simple two black wire and one ground set up but got this instead.
1. Existing switch has two black wires, no ground attached.
2. In the box
a. Red and black wire twisted together going into one of the black wires on the motion switch (will explain why two in a second)
b. Two black wires twisted together and going into the other black wire from the motion switch. (so with a and b its the simple circuit connection, got that)
c. white wires spliced, good there
d. Two ground wires together in the box, not attached to the motion switch
e. Box is plastic
f. Reason for multiple black wires is this switch does two things:
- Turns on garage lights
- provides power to another switch, inside the house, that then controls an outside light.

I could simple attach the black wires to the new switch, but should I? One, prefer it be grounded, and two, should I run a single wire off the black wires so only a single wire goes to the new switch. But, if I run three new wires (one off hot black wires, one off other black wires, and one off ground) box is getting crowded.

Sorry, hope that was easy to follow.

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