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Hello, I am trying to wire a Santa Cruz Gun Lock (The ones used in police vehicles) to a 12VDC UPS with Keypad to unlock. I have never done much with electronics before, so this has pretty much been just based on research of what I have seen others doing online.

I am thinking about using this as the 12VDC UPS:

I am thinking about using this for the keypad:

I have a couple questions?
1. Should this all work, or is there a better way to go about it?
2. Should the wiring be pretty straight forward (Positive/Negative) or is there more to it? I saw that the keypad has 6 wires, so I would assume red from the power supply and black to the lock, leaving the rest alone, or am I missing something again?
3. For inputting a code for the keypad, is it usually pretty straight forward or does it require anything special?

Thanks for the help.

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That keypad is only one part of the equation. You still need something to run the program to tell it if the code or RFID card are valid.

That keypad is no longer going to work, since the 125 Khz product line has been discontinued. See the following links on how to use the Raspberry Pi to run the program for the keypad.

You can get just the Raspberry Pi 2 unit for $36. If you want a case, the 4GB Raspberry NOOB card, power transformer without the On/Off switch, you are talking $70. The On/Off switch runs around $7.

I am running my Pi 2 with Linux Mate, since I am still playing around with it. It is a good project to play with, especially with what you are wanting to do. Just remember that if someone can access any of the power for the lock, they can get past the locking mechanism.
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