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Hey everyone, I just purchased a Harbor Breeze Crosswinds ceiling fan; special at Lowe's. Now I've never installed a ceiling fan before, so this is coming together as it progresses. My issue is this, the fan has a remote which is awesome, but I don't want to be completely dependent on the remote for functionality and I have little desire to use the pull chains. So I'm looking for best of both worlds, wall controls for light and motor, and remote for convenience.

This is a new installation. I installed the box and made two runs of romex (may do three). The problem is the remote is apparently designed for one wall switch. So here's what I'm thinking, putting the remote on it's own feed with a wall switch. Then getting a fan switch with a combination of a dimmer for the light and preset speeds for the fan.

By doing this I could the combination switch to control fan and light, and when I inevitably loose the remote I can turn the wall switch controlling the remote receiver off. This way if the remote's receiver is, for example, controlling the fan on "high" and I want low and additionally lost the remote I could use the switch to cut power and use the wall controls.

I have wired this up and tested with two light bulbs and this seems to work nicely with all three wall switches. But my question is, will there be any issues with my wiring, would this configuration pass code, is there anything I'm overlooking?

I'll attach a schematic of what I did.

Here's the manual link incase the image doesn't show.

Thanks in advance for any advice!
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