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wiring a ballast from t12 to t8

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i bought a ge ballast( gem220ts120). the t12 ballast had two reds,blues,yellows.I bought a t8 ballast with the same colors. I wired one blue from ballast to one blue from light tombstone,the same with the other blue.I did the same thing with the two reds,yellows color to color. I have two f15 lamps it is a two lamp fixture. when i turn on the light switch the lamps are dim. If i turn the lamps when they are in the light fixture they come on. And sometimes if i turn the light swich off,on quickly the light will come on.Could it be a bad ballast or wrong wiring.
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For the electronique ballast you will have to follow the wiring diagram on the ballast very carefull and also do you have rapid start or instat start ballast if you have rapid start ballast you should have not much issue change over but instat start ballast the wiring will look diffrent also most case you will have to change the tombstone connection by either shunt them or wire both wires at each tombstone the reason why I mention that due if you only hook up one side of the flourscent pin it can cause premature burn out bulb.

I have see it happend before with instat start when someone forgot to change the tombstone connection. the ballast diagram is the quickest way to indentify it.

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