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wiring a 4 way illuminated switch, no ground

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Is it possible to wire a hall light in a 4 way set up with lighted decora switches. The master switch box [the 4 way] does not contain a ground. Regardless of how I wire the 4 leads to the 4 screws of the 4 way switch the hall light will not work correctly from all three locations, and depending on the way I wire the 4 way switch some of the other 3 way switches in the same circuit will not light while in the off position.
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HI joe. Thanks for the speedy response. In ans to your question. I don't believe I did any wire rearranging to the two 3 way switches in the original wiring. If I did, I don't know; but, I can say that after the two new illuminated decora 3 way switches were installed, they and the one original toggle 4 way switch all worked properly. Only after replacing the old 4 way toggle switch did I begin to have the problem. Neither of the original two 3 way switches were illuminated switches, nor was the one original 4 way illuminated.
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