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wiring a 240V baseboard heater

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Hoping for some help here:

I am wanting to wire a 240V baseboard heater in our basement. Run a line directly from my panel in the garage to the basement.

I purchased a double pole t-stat today..instructions are in spanish and don't have a clue:laughing:

Also the 240v breaker I picked up is the space equal of 4 of those blue switches in the pics below.

I need to install a new breaker in my panel that seems it wont fit a 240V breaker. See the photos below However, there is a breaker with green tape on it ironically already labelled baseboard heaters. if you zoom in on the pics you can get a good look at it. This is not in use right now based in the pics could i tap into this breaker with the appropriate wire? It seems there is only 120 v wire on this double switch. (White and black wire)

My understanding is i run the wire from the panel to the t-stat then to the baseboard heater. Any tips would be greatly appreciated about wiring this up correctly. What colored wires go from the panel to the t-stat and then to the heater?

Also im very confused about a new breaker in the panel itself how it would fit or if i could use the existing one with the green tape on it.

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Yes it does have a handle tie. Exactly the same as the breaker above it in the panel. See the picture below

Also, I purchased a breaker the one in the picture below. I think the people at home depot completely steered me in the wrong direction.

Also, the wire they said I needed was the red/black 12 see pic.

Frustrated with that store.

Anyways. The previously mentioned breaker is a 240V as you mentioned. It already has #14 wire I believe wired to two locations. It is not in use therfore it was taped "off" This would really simply my install process if i just taped into the pre existing wire which terminates in a box in the garage just on the other side of the wall where i want to place the heater in the basement actually...could i be so lucky?

Here are some more pics for clarity purposes:

The breaker Home Depot sold me after i told them the specs of my panel. I don't think it is the right one and I now think it is not necessary:

The breaker that I can use for the 240V (green tape removed):

The wire Home depot sold me but its not needed now..that was $40 bucks:

The wire that's already installed. I believe it's #14:

OK so if all is already wired correctly and i have a black and white at my wall where do i go from there. It was mentioned to color the white wire "red".

Can i wire the base board heater first then run it up to the t-stat or is it recommended to run to the t-stat first then the baseboard heater.

What wire color would I connect to what - the instructions are dreadful. Here is a pic of my t stat and the baseboard heater just has 2 black wires.:

Thank you for the direction/help
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Bonjour, Merci Beaucoup

Yes I am in Canada but English Speaking Canada LOL British Columbia
I purchased a Dimplex Double Pole Line voltage Thermostat TD322W

The top of the t -stat has a black and red and the right side of the back has a red above a black. I dont know if that is visible in the pictures?

The baseboard heater has 2 black wires and a grounding screw of course. One of the black wires seems to be connected to the heating element.

Should the two black wires from the T stat run to the baseboard heater and the two red wires connect to the panel. In my case one is black and one is white ( but coloured red) Am I on the right track?

thanks for your help:thumbsup:

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Thats great thank you kindly. I will wire it up today and let you know how things go.

from the instructions you have provided ( double pole t stat - second part of the instructions) It looks like i was on the right track in my thinking. The two black wires from the t -stat run to the baseboard heater. However, because I have #14 wire the instructions refer to 2 red lines connected to the power supply/panel. In my case my two red lines will be one black and one white (painted red). Does it matter which is connected to which or are both technically the same in this situation.

I just want to double check this. Sorry for my ignorance if this seems so simple but it is something I don't work with:jester:
I must be missing something, I don't see any mention of the wattage of the baseboard heater. Are you sure 15 amp service will be enough?

It is one 2000W 240V baseboard heater. Will i have issues?
Ah Success!!! Everything wired up nicely and We have heat just in time for summer LOL

I really appreciate everyones comments

A bit of a smell to it when i first turned it on...not a frying circuit smell but new heater smell. Im sure that will go away with time

thanks again,

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