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wiring a 240V baseboard heater

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Hoping for some help here:

I am wanting to wire a 240V baseboard heater in our basement. Run a line directly from my panel in the garage to the basement.

I purchased a double pole t-stat today..instructions are in spanish and don't have a clue:laughing:

Also the 240v breaker I picked up is the space equal of 4 of those blue switches in the pics below.

I need to install a new breaker in my panel that seems it wont fit a 240V breaker. See the photos below However, there is a breaker with green tape on it ironically already labelled baseboard heaters. if you zoom in on the pics you can get a good look at it. This is not in use right now based in the pics could i tap into this breaker with the appropriate wire? It seems there is only 120 v wire on this double switch. (White and black wire)

My understanding is i run the wire from the panel to the t-stat then to the baseboard heater. Any tips would be greatly appreciated about wiring this up correctly. What colored wires go from the panel to the t-stat and then to the heater?

Also im very confused about a new breaker in the panel itself how it would fit or if i could use the existing one with the green tape on it.

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I must be missing something, I don't see any mention of the wattage of the baseboard heater. Are you sure 15 amp service will be enough?
Shouldn't be a problem with that size , that's only about 8.3 amps.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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