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Wiring a 12v DC LED

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Hey all,

I found this forum while searching for answers as to what I did wrong.. I bought this: LED Underwater Spot Light 10W 12V to add supplemental lighting to my aquarium. I also bought a 12V DC Adapter 2A to wire the light. I've wired DC adapters before for various tasks and never had a problem so I'm a bit perplexed. My first thought was that I needed some other kind of power supply. Maybe you all can help me out, this is what I did:

1. I cut the plug off the adapter and stripped the wires.
2. I twisted the red wire to the black/white wire and the black to black.
3. I soldered both wires and taped them with electrical wire.

Then I plugged it in and got nothing. I unplugged it as quickly as possible thinking I wired it wrong and didn't want to fry anything. So, I then wired it the other way, red to black, black to black/white (going against my instincts here, but thinking it came from China and I don't have a meter, maybe it was just a mistake). Still nothing.

That's why I'm here. Is the LED just broken? I'm thinking about taking it apart and seeing if I can find any lose connections or such inside. Or, was I mistaken in thinking this could be powered by a standard 12v wall plug.

Thanks for any help!
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A 9 volt battery should power that light. What happens when you flick the wire together. Sounds like your light is not working. You can either send it back or screw around and try and get it working
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