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wiring 2 in 1 cap in parallel

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I have a 40 + 5 and a 40 mfd cap. I need a total mfd rating of 80 mfd. I want to wire the 40 mfd 2 in 1 cap and 40 mfd single cap in parallel. As you know, the fan shares the common wire on the 2 in 1 cap. I just want to make sure it doesn't interfere with the capacitance for the condenser motor.
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Are the voltage ratings for each cap high enough for the application?
In parallel it will still be 40 mfd

Series will be 80 mfd

Basic electrical..

However I don't know how long it will last...
"Capacitors in a parallel configuration each have the same applied voltage. Their capacitances add up. Charge is apportioned among them by size. Using the schematic diagram to visualize parallel plates, it is apparent that each capacitor contributes to the total surface area."

I stand corrected. I just went to the service truck and connected two 5 mfd in parallel and you are right 10 mfd.

Just did think hard enough:eek:
And a 12.5 and 20 wired in series will give you 7.69, whihc is close enough to 7.5 when your ouot in the boonies, and don't want to run 20 miles for a 7.5.

And don't have 2-15s to use.
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