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I'm sure this question has been asked lots of times here, & I've done multiple searches, but I can't seem to find an answer to my question. If it has been answered before & someone has a link, I'll be more than happy with it.

This is what I currently have: I have installed a 100amp Square D subpanel in my detached garage. The panel will be fed from a 60 amp breaker from the main panel. This sub panel will feed three 15 amp circuits (1 for lights, 2 for outlets), plus a 30 amp 220 circuit. I currently do not have anything that runs 220, but want it for future use, just in case. Outlets will only be used for light hand tools, battery chargers, torpedo heater, etc. I'm sure I went overkill on the number of circuits, especially since this is only an 18 x 18 building.

The sub panel is located 125' from the main. I had planned on going underground in PVC. I cannot seem to get a straight answer on what guage wire I need. Can I get away with #6 copper? Or should I go #4. I plan on running a 4 wire feeder.

A licensed electrician will do the final hook up, I'm just trying to do the easier stuff myself.

If I have left out any details, let me know & I'll fill them in.

Thanks for your time.

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See here:

What I'm doing is very similar. Alot of reading in my thread, but my situation is almost just like yours. I chose to go with 2,2,2,4 Aluminum feeder wire, commonly called "mobile home feeder." I bought 85 feet of it last night for about $185. It is significantly cheaper than copper and you can run more amps. Not that you would need it, but it will be there.
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