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Wire size for generator

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I ordered an 8000 watt Generac generator which has a 30 amp 240 volt outlet. I’m will be storing it in a shed out back and pull it out as needed. I’m going to run a PVC conduit from the inlet on the shed to the transfer switch in the garage. I also want to run a 20 amp. circuit in the same conduit for an outlet in the shed for a battery minder. The run from the shed will be 50 feet and the conduit will have, I believe 5 current carrying conductors in it. Do I need to go up to #8 wire for the generator and #10 for the outlet due to distance and/or derating?
Thank you
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The #10 gauge wires will work perfectly well for 30 amps at 50 feet.

You might choose to put in 8 or even 6 gauge wires in case you might use a larger generator in the future. For those sizes the ground wire can still be #10.

The #12 wires will be fine for the 20 amp circuit. Again, you could use heavier wires and/or 3 wires on this circuit in case you may want to use more amperes or 240 volts out at the shed
Thank you for the quick reply. The other thing I wanted to mention is that I will be using a 10’ cord which would increase the distance to 60’. Would I still be okay with #10 gauge due to voltage drop? A 10 gauge cord would be easier work with. I don’t see go with a larger generator. If I did I would probably go with a whole house standby generator which would be placed in a different location. I might consider larger 3 wires possibly for 240 volts to the shed.
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