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I will save my entire sob story- I am about to be a 1st time mom in 3 days, I got a place that the previous owners took the water heater.. and wire with them., i NEED HELP asap please!
I bought a 40 Gallon electric GE water Heater (model GE40MO6AAG), and idk what happened, but the breaker kept blowing, and I checked the water heater, and there are 2 metal plates on the side with the therm and reset button- the upper plate, had black water leaking from it, when i removed plate it looked like it had burnt. I got a new water heater- (same model)
I just desperately need to know what size/type wire is needed, and what size breaker I should have. The manual has no mention of this. If anyone can please guide me on the proper wire and breaker it would be GREATLY appreciated! I just want to be ableto give my new son a hot bath (and have hot shower myself) Thank you so much.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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