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wire harness swap on O2 sensor

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Is it possible to swap the wire harness on an oxygen sensor? I live in Costa Rica and parts are hard to come by on my 06 Chevy Suburban. I ordered an OEM sensor according to the VIN and it does not fit. The plug on the sensor is a trapezoid and the receptacle o the truck is a square. Is it possible to use the old wiring harness with the new sensor?
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Billy Bob is right. I fought a losing battle trying to make electrical components "work" in my wife's Volvo. Universal/solder-ready/aftermarket all mean you're taking a risk that it wont work right. These components are very sensitive and tuned specifically to the car they are in.

Once you cut that original connector you risk never making it right again. Do a google search on soldering vs. crimping automotive components. Solder can be too brittle for the frequent vibrations that happen in a car. Spend the extra money on an OEM part with the correct connector and be done with it. Or be hard headed like me and try and make it work :thumbsup:
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