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windows in a load bearing wall

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We want to install two large picture windows in a load bearing wall. We are comfortable that we can build the frames with sufficient headers and stuctural integrity to cope with the weight that bears down on the wall - however - we are concerned that will a span of 6' each that there may be additional structural requirements to insure that section of the exterior wall stay tied into the roof and joists. our concern it that the new wall with the new windows would have a tendency to fall away from the structure? Any hints, advise, concerns, or insite?
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2 story, 1 story, wood sheathed walls, wall length, percentage of glass to floor area, proper type of glazing required for certain areas, enough footage of shear left in the wall, codes for closeness to power lines, energy codes followed to possibly compensate for large amounts of glazing. Window guard in certain conditions. Possible egress conditions.

Special requirements for certain States (internal pressure, high wind areas).

I hope you ask your local Building Department for their recommendations and approval. Be safe, G
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