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Window Trim

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We are getting a house, and we want to change out the trim. We have found a smaller baseboard, and a smaller crown molding since it's only 8 foot walls. I was just curious if anybody had some pictures of trim around windows, and doors that fit in well with crown, and baseboard. BTW right now it's just the plain flat stuff, and I think it will just look out of place. Thanks,Ben
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As the saying goes... a picture is worth a thousand words. Any chance of posting a picture to give us a better idea of what your problem is?
Unfortunately we don't close for about a week. I will try to explain it better... I guess I'm just wondering what style trim people put around windows, and doors to go with baseboard molding? I am more or less looking for pictures of what others have done around there windows/ door frames. I will get detailed pictures of our home as soon as we close! Thanks, Ben
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