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Window Treatments: What to do with 4 windows in a row?

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Not sure what to do with these four windows in my living room.

We were thinking of either one long bar across all four, with drapes on either side of each window, or one bar for each window with the same idea with the drapes.

As for colors, we were thinking a darker brown, to contrast the lighter couch color. The pictures were taken with my phone's camera, so the actual color of the walls is way different than you see there, it is a light blue color, not as grey as it looks there. The following pictures show what the wall color looks like in daylight:

Anyone have any suggestions?

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Here's a window treatment you might consider. It's two sheer scarves draped on a foam covered rod. The long pieces comming down each side of the center window are seperate. Check out yYouTube to see how to hang it
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