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We have some 22 year old windows that the sills outside have rotted. I know there are many threads on this and tried to research all I could before finally posting. The windows look like the Jeld-Wen at the big orange box store when comparing them. Other than the sill rot and little around the bottoms of the jams, they are in good condition and we are trying to avoid replacing them. I have already decided to take out the rotten sill and replace with vinyl.

The question I have is not really about cutting them out & replacing as seen many topics and video on that part, and think that is doable. What I am wondering is if I should be putting any flashing under the replacement sills while they are cut out or am I approaching this wrong as far as where & how it should be installed? When I look at examples of folks replacing them, I never see any new flashing installed new or existing flashing. The sills will be replaced on windows that are brick on the front the house and also the back, which has Hardi Plank. I have no idea what was originally done as we did buy the house as it was being constructed in 1995, but did not know enough about this to have really see if it was being done correctly. Our builder's solution to every thing that went worng was white lighting caulk, so sure others can relate.

Thanks for any help on this as going to start the first replacement next week.
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