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I am about to frame and tile the interior window sill and recess. I just wanted to check to see if anyone had any tips, witticisms, or constructive criticisms.

My plan: As you can see in the pics, I have a window in a brick wall with a metal-framed interior wall. After foam insulation, I was gonna put 1/4 inch wood around the window to connect the brick and the metal framing. Slope the bottom piece so that water doesn't go towards the window. I want tile all around the recess and to border the window. So, on the wood, I would put 1/4 inch hardibacker, tape and mortar the seams, then Redguard on top.

Note that half of the window (and wall) will be tiled for my shower/tub and the other half will be painted . Don't worry. :no: The shower stream will be in the center of the tub inside of a cylindrical shower curtain NOT streaming towards the wall with the window.




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