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window replacement--pvc or aluminum covering the old wood?? pls help !!

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I am replacing 2 or 3 of my house windows . House is 25 yrs old, and windows are triple pane wood. The wood is not rotten, but the paint is often peeling/bubbling from direct sunlight & rain. I can't afford to spend 10 grand on the whole house, so ...a few now (one is cracked, the other steamed).
Pvc frames...white is not going to match my current brown trim. ;( This might only be for a few yrs till the others are re-done.
Now a contractor offered to replace just the glass, and I can get the old wood covered by painted aluminum in any color now or anytime later. That solves my color-mismatch problem . the alum. fix (and it looks ok to me, I saw samples) as good for resale of my house in 15 yrs as the pvc would be? thanks in advance.

not a craftsman. (retired)
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Are you replacing the sashes and capping the frame?
Excuse me, what are the sashes ?
the sash is the framed window section itself. there are replacement sashes available.

If the sash is the wood frame, no, that is part of my question.
Is it any worse off for resale to have alum. cladding over the frame than pvc framing/sash ??
i doubt it, the new buyers will probably not even notice the difference.

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