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Window Repair

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I have been searching the web and I can't find good info on how to remove glass on a single hung aluminum window. It has little strips on the sides but they don't move a bit..

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If you pull in those slides on the top right & top left, of the bottom window, you can swing it out, then turn to remove. Then the top should be able to slide down, and you can then do the same to remove it from the frame, so that it can be taken to a glass shop. Just remember to close up the window, since it can take a day or two for the glass shop to finish up.

That age of a window, I am going to say that they are probably Double pane not single.
It looks to me like a vinyl, double-pane, single-hung, meaning that the top sash is not removable. You pic is really dark, but it looks to be externally glazed, meaning the glazing beads (plastic strips that hold the glass in) will be on the exterior. Carefully get a tool into that seam between the sash and glazing bead, and then tap it in toward the window. You might have to monkey around with a combination of tapping and prying, but it will come loose. It is just snapped into a channel.... Once you get the first one loose you'll be surprised at how easily the others come out. if the glass doesnt pop right out, carefully run a utility blade around the interior between the glass and frame to break that seal. Professionals have handy tools for all of this, but it is doable DIY with simple hand tools and some care. As always, you should of course take proper safety precautions with leather gloves, safety glasses, etc, especially given that the unit is already cracked. ;)
Going to be fun trying to do this on a second story.
Might want to pick up one of these to help pull the glass out.
Any box store should have them in the handicap bathroom area where the grab bars are.
... or just use a ladder:laughing:
So a trampoline will not work?
Just have to work faster.:laughing:
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HomeSealed I think your right. As soon as it gets a little warmer I will try to remove it. The glass is only broken on the inside. So it shouldn't be that hard...I've replaced a window before but on a old house with wood double-hung windows. I couldn't figure out how to remove the vinyl strips holding in the glass.

If more pictures will help just let me know what to take pictures of.

Thanks for the help guys.
Never hurts to have more picks, but in just about all cases, will be some sort of plastic or rubber strip that sits in a channel to hold the glass. If I said it is always on the outside, I bet I would be wrong. I just never seen them on the inside, unless the window was installed backwards, I have seen that.
But yeah, will need a tall ladder to reach that window and will be outside working on it.

You want to be careful removing the strips, a small thin pry tool and be gentle, you may or may not be able to find a replacement if you damage beyond repair removing them, will be another issue that can be fixed.

One more thing, if it is dual pane glass, you will need to measure it and call your local glass store and order it.
They will call their supplier and order it to the size you give them, because of the process to make them. Just be sure to order the glass first, or expect to cover it up while you wait for new to be delivered.

And is best to have a helper for this job, The suction cups that Joe pointed to is a great idea, one person outside with the cups pulling, while helper is inside and using a thin blade to cut loose the adhesive or whatever is used to hold your glass in.
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