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Window Question

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I have wood rot on sashes of @10 Caradco clad double hung windows. They were installed when the house was built in 93. Jeld Wen sells a replacment sash with Auralast wood treatment with a 20 yr warranty. I'm wondering whether I should just replace the sashes or the whole window. Should I be concerned the alum clad that failed on the sashes is failing on other parts of the windows? I'd hate to replace sashes now & have other problems in a few yrs.
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That depends. Is there damage to the frame of the window or just the sash? You need to do your homework and check to see what you'll actually be saving if you just replace the sashes as well. I don't know what siding you have on and what shape any trim is in. If you do do something, now might be the time to change everything out. I also don't know your budget.
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