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Hi there, I am a total newbie and I stumbled on to this site trying to figure out a way to select new windows.

I hope I am not violating the site's rules on my first post, because as background information, I feel like I do have to say that I've had a poor experience with the present awning/casement mix of windows I got stuck with from Superior. After 6 years, windows are falling off hinges, permanently stuck in one position, and cracked from a sudden gust of wind. Anyway, Superior refuses to address anything and I've decided that replacement parts are not the answer, because in another 6 years, I will end up with the same problem.

Company says the problem is that I live in Hawai'i and there is just too much salt in the air. Coated hinges and arms are rusted solid by now. Some windows with stainless steel parts are put together with galvanized screws, which I had no clue about, so those are the windows falling off the arms. I've never really liked the awnings anyway, because they only open about...what? 45 degrees? I'd rather take advantage of our cool trade winds.

So, to sum it up, I am starting to feel like getting new windows with ALL stainless steel parts is the only answer, but I would be happy if someone else has a better, more cost-effective answer. I have no money, of course, this was a new home construction, but I can't leave the windows the way they are. Right now I have resigned myself to slowly change out the windows room by room. I am overwhelmed by the selection and can't figure out who might specialize in salt air problems with the windows. I live less then 2 miles from the ocean, come on it's Hawai'i, most places on the entire island are less than 2 miles from the ocean. If you have 1) an idea of how to narrow down the search or 2) a suggestion of replacing the parts with some other hinges from some other manufacturer (but I don't know if this would work because are the arms and hinges proprietary?), or 3) some other brilliant idea that my less informed brain cannot think of, I would love, love, love the help.

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