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Window Glass replacement. Manufacturer?

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My double pane glass seems to have broken the seal & I will need to replace the glass. I looked around for the manufacturer's name but nothing is mentioned on the windows. I only found this sticker. Can someone please help me identify the manufacturer from this sticker.

Or suggest where I can get replacement glass in North Chicago Land area.
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It looks like that unit was made or sold through . I printed the tag and will see if I can find out on Monday. Check the center of the top frame of a double hung for a sticker; it should be covered by the back sash so you will need to open the top window to see it.

When it comes to replacement it truly comes down to the over all glass thickness and how many pains of glass it is. The window will most likely have argon, but if not it will have a shot of nitrogen to keep down water vapor forming between the glass.

There are primary 2 different thickness of glass. The older unites were around half inch thickness and I think the newer standard is closer to an inch (like 7/8). If I remember I’ll find out Monday for you.

The glass is put into the sashes with a bead of silicon to the insides and on the outside there is a molding that will pop out. There are some odd deigns on how the molding snaps in so good luck. The glass will pop out with a putty knife run between the glass and the frame, but unless your good you will crack the glass.

Any local window manufacture should be able to replace the glass in about an hour unless it is tempered.

I'll see what I can find out on Monday and post it for you.
If you need more info or more help send me a PM because I don't always check this site.
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Anything etched in the glass? Usually lower righht corner of the glass. Check for any symbols or company logos on the locks or operators.
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