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Window flashing tape for my wall section

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I will be redoing the whole exterior of my house and replacing all the windows. House will be taken down to sheathing, Halo Exterra GPS 1.5" foam (which will also act as WRB), and then flanged windows on top of that. I will be using furring strips over the foam to install engineering wood lap siding.

I am thinking Grace Vycor flashing for the sill, then the sides, then the top. I would then install flanged window with sealant behind against the Vycor. After securing window, I would install more Vycor up the sides, then a metal head flash, and then Vycor again over the top of that.

Once window is in, it should be fully adhered to the Exterra rigid foam, and that will makeup my drainage plane. Furring strips+ lap siding after that.

Does this sound correct? There are SO many different installation methods, it is difficult to find my exact scenario.
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I think the normal is is to put a 2x4 on the sides and top of the window opening and foam to that so the window gets full support nailed to the top and sides.
Actually I will be using window bucks (1.5") to support the perimeter of the windows, should have mentioned.

When doing the sill pan we quit doing the top of the opening so any leak from above will go to the window and around and out the bottom.
Can you describe this a bit more for me, not sure exactly where you are referring to?
You said

I am thinking Grace Vycor flashing for the sill, then the sides, then the top
This is more or less what we do with house wrap but we don't wrap in the top.

The also do a nice window trim
Notice how they have bugscreen at the bottom of the wall
Thanks, yes there will be bugscreen wrapped at the bottom of the rainscreen (furring strips).

I won't be using a house wrap (rigid foam acting as water-resistive barrier). Do you flash the window opening under the window, and then again over the window flanges after install?
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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