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Window Condensation

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I have been doing a lot of remodeling on my house hopeing to sell it when ever the market comes back but the question I have is I have been stoping every leak I can find in this house calking doors and windows putting in spray foam around water pipes comeing in the house and arround electric boxes and since I have done this now I get lots of condensation on the windows threw the whole house after the wife takes he rmorning bath. The windows are still single pain which I will be changing later on to dull pain also there is no exhaust fan in the bath room will a fan in there stop the problem.? Also when ever we cook we need to run the fan over the stove or the windows in there get condensation. Never had this problem before I started making the house air tight . Any help out there :(
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just curious, where do you live about and whats the outside air temperature and youre either doing a really good job insulating or you have very poor windows or even better, your wife is taking seriously long baths :thumbsup:
All the moisture you are putting into the air has no place to escape. What have you planned to do about this? A bathroom fan will definitely remove all the moisture you are adding when showering. An air exchanger is the most ideal way to deal with your situation. A leaky house is able to transfer enough of the moisture, you just sealed up all the escape routes.
You actually stated the answer/problem to your own question. You have made the house airtight, and now the moisture has now where to go, but to condensate on the coolest point... your windows. You need to remove the moisture from the air. Fans help as hot moist air rises and can be expelled through venting, but apparently it is not enough. A/C also removes moisture, but unless you live where it is warm in the winter, you probably do not run one much... especially if trying to conserve energy. Dehumidifying will definitely help as will opening windows when the weather permits. Reducing the source of moisture is a good place to start. As in, when taking showers/hot baths, open the bathroom window or utilize the exhaust fan... same as when cooking... or crack a window nearby.
gas heat? everything ok in the vent? definatly add the bath fan, single pane with storms?Metal frames?they can be alittle more likely to have condensation
its the single pane windows. period. how are the inside mirrors holding up (not the ones in the bathroom)

cheap cheesy windows. homes should be airtight as much as possible.
what does she do when she puts in the new windows and still gets condensation because of high humidity levels in her home?
from just taking showers?? c'mon

it goes away
Thanks for all of the help it looks like the new blinds I put on the windows when I close them at night they seal the windows from the heat inside the house then in the morning after my wifes shower she would open the blinds and the windows would fog up the same thing happens when I open the front door our storm door will fog up from the heat inside the house. It happens most of the time when the temperture is 40 or lower out side. Thanks for all the help if we dont close the blinds at night we dont have the problem. Funny
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