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Greetings! I am installing a small window A/C unit in my apartment bedroom.
Specs on A/C Unit: 4.8 amps, 115 V, 515 watts (cooling)
The power cord for the A/C unit is too short to reach the plug. I would like to run a surge protector to make up the distance.

The cord on the A/C Unit is sized at: 3x0.824mm(squared) 18AWG.
The breaker plug on the A/C cord itself is rated at: 10 amps, 120VAC, 1200 watts.

I purchased a surge protector rated at: 15 amps, 120VAC, 1800 watts. The actual surge protector cord is sized at: 3x2.08mm(squared) 14AWG.

So I have an A/C pulling low amps on an 18AWG cord. Is it safe to say that the surge protector I have is more than adequate to handle this unit since the surge protector cord is bigger than the A/C cord? I will only be running the unit when I am home in the evenings and not all the time (weekends will vary)

Thanks for the help.
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