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I have a garage apartment. Previously I had a full size water heater for it, but we have to get rid of that. So I'm looking at tankless water heaters. I don't want to pay $600+ for one though.

Right now I'm looking at this one: that I found for $250. It claims it's 4GPM, which as I understand is more than enough for a bathtub or shower, which are typically 3GPM max.

In the garage there's a kitchen sink, bathroom sink, and tub/shower. Only one of those would be running at a time, so the water heater wouldn't need to power multiple faucets at the same time. Will this water heater be good enough for what I need? Or does anyone have any recommendations on a different one? I want to keep it under $300.

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What is the incoming water temp?
Look in the information of the unit that you are looking at and find out what the start temp that they are using to start with to get to the 115F for the 4gpm..
If your temp is below what they are using for a start temp you might wish to find a larger unit.
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