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Hi all, hope everyone is being safe and well.

Working on a small scale kitchen renovation. Rough electrical and plumbing works are done and almost ready for a drywall. I'd like to run by experts here since I'm working as a owner/project manager. I have two separate category questions.

the size of the wall is approximately 14ft and cabinet configurations as attached sketch. The sink is Kohler riverby 33" that has only right corner drain hole and got a 1/2hp insinkrator garbage disposal. My dishwasher Bosch panel ready and will sit next right from the sink. All my plumbing lines are concentrated in right side---wall drain pie, sink drain, garbage diposal, and the dishwaser hose. I don't mind busy as lon as everyone thinks this is not a unusual set up. I have about 4 1/2" space between newly replaced drain pipe and the sink cabinet.--- same location, just lowered bit to accomodate deep sink and a garbage disposal(about 13 1/2" up from the finished floor). I'm also considering getting an air switch and soap dipenser.
Both plumbing work and the electrical work were done by licensed professional but with out GC to fall back on, any do-over will be on my shouler...

here are are the links of..

Second part of question might be more appropriate to carpentary/remodel. The current wall are exterior wall. the studs are true 2x4 that spaced anywehere 13-16. I see studs were cut off to accomodate veting pipe that I thinkg original to the house( built in 1909)
1. should I do some framing work to strenghten any studs? but those area so busy and the vent pipe taking pretty much all depth of studs, not sure what can be done.
2. shoud i install batt insulation? right now, the house is covered with wood siding. I've seen new construction house that gets wrap( Tybek? ) unless i take out exiting siding, it won't get wrapped. can i just put insulation? Is there going to be any moisture issue? I live in mild climate, never snow--los angels, CA.

Hope few experts can shed some lights on!

Thank you.


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