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Here is a link to some photos

The house was built in 1910. I’️m want to set up my 250 gal aquarium ~2500 lbs. here is what I’️ve done

I’️ve filled it up without any support floor seemed to hold fine, however I was not confident in it.

So I’️ve taken 3-2x8s glued and screwed them together, got 2 jacks that support 19k and created my own horizontal support beam under the 6 joist the tank is on heading into the center of the room.

The room is roughly 14x14 The joist are 14.5 inches apart The span is ~14 feet from load bearing wall to support beam.

With my new support beam I have cut the span in half roughly. My beam dose not span the whole room tho only those joist below the tank plus another 5-6. I have noticed the floor does have a slight sag, I do not really care to fix it entirely but if it helps that’️s fine, I’️m meaning looking to create more weight capacity for the tank. The sag is hardly noticeable.

Under each support jack I have 2-12x12 blocks stacked with the wood grain running opposite to help distribute the weight.

I drew a diagram to try and help show the room and what’️s going on.

My main questions-

Will this do what I want it to do, add the weight capacity I need for the tank and feel confident.

Will this fix the sag or should I not worry about it.

The new support beam I made- the joists towards the center of the room are flush with the beam the joist towards the load bearing concrete wall has a gap between the new beam and the joist- is this the sag showing?

Is there anything else I need to know/do to what I’️ve already down.

I’️ve started to jack up slowly over the last few days but nothing major as I want clarification to what I’️m doing.

I hope this all makes sense, thank you for any help you can give!

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You didn't say what size the joist are.
I would build up some plywood pads 24x24 x2" thick and put them under your 12x12s.

I would attempt to lift it to level but don't expect to get it in one day. Wood needs time the think about changing shape.

That will help compact the soil under your pads.
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