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Will "bombs" always kill fleas?

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Geez, put in 2 cans of flea/insect (permethrin type) bombs, in a small cottage (3 rooms), and still fleas were there. Now, next day, after people complained, I put in 2 MORE bombs. Anybody ever have this persistent fleas issue ?

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New fleas are emerging from pupal cases, which are not affected by insecticides, except for d-Limonene, but that has limitations.

Don't use total release aeros. Get the aeros that you can hold upside-down and direct the spray. Thoroughly vacuum entire floor. Wash all bedding, pet bedding. Spray under all furniture, under all removable cushions, in all closet floors, under throw/removable rugs. You will need help to tip furniture back, cushion removal/replacement, etc. Then spray over all exposed flooring, especially carpeting. If wood floors have cracks/gaps, then vacuum those cracks with a crack and crevice tool. Treat into same. If cottage has floor vents, open them up, clean them out (fill up with pet hair, dander) and treat into. Clean under stove, fridge-again much pet hair/dander and spray same. It's hard work.

Even when we do a flea job, we ask that customer wait 14-21 days before re-assessing. There will be hatching out in the interim. Treating is hard work and patience is required for results.

Make sure that you use a flea aero that has a "growth regulator" in it. It will be Methoprene, usually. Label may say something like egg stoppers, flea birth control, kills larvae, etc.
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