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Laundry room outlet.
the clips between the upper and lower are broken.
The top plug can be shut off from one breaker switch.
The bottom plug is shut off by a different one.

I think I am having picture issues so if it does not show up, here is the details:

3 way wire coming into the box--

Looking at back of outlet:

Black wire top left
Red bottom left
White top right
Another 5 inch piggy back wire from top right to bottom right

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Hard to say for sure since I'm not there. I can give some rules that might apply.
The two breakers should have an approved handle tie.
The two circuits should be on different legs.
If the circuits serve only one receptacle, the receptacle rating should match the breaker.
The receptacles most likely need to be tamper resistant.
The outlets could need GFCI protection.
I'm sure there's others I'm not thinking of.
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