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Why outside fan only spins when is set to cool off?

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the problem with this heat pump is that the outside fan unit only runs when the system is set to AC. whenever is set to heat, the outside fan does not run.

i did some voltage testing and this was the outcome: AC mode turned on at the control board in the furnace:

compressor - 0 vac
reverse valve - 0 vac
heat - 24 vac
fan - 0 vac

as mentioned above, in AC mode, the fan and everything else works normally.

heating mode turned on at the control board in the furnace:: compressor - 24 vac
reverse valve - 24 vac
heat - 0 vac
fan - 0 vac

in heating mode, when outside and using a stick, i manually pushed down the contactor and the fan came on. The furnace model is: e2eh-012ha. the outside condenser unit is a payne heat pump model number: ph13nr024-h

tried to check the furnace manual to see about the thermostat wiring but could not get anywhere. could not post the link for the manual because this is my first post.

attached are some pictures of the control board wiring and the outside unit thermostat wiring.

any suggestions?


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