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Whole house UV system

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The house I recently bought has a cistern that collects rainwater from the roof. This is the only source of water for the house, and sadly public water isn't an option, and apparently there is not water available for a well either. The older couple who owned the home have used the current system for over 50 years, but I am trying to make sure the water I have (which is a 13,000 gallon tank underground) is potable. There seem to be so many full house UV systems out there and I have no clue which is good or bad. I'll be looking to get one that comes with the sediment and charcoal filters as well. If anyone happens to have some input as to what system is good and of course affordable, I'd appreciate it. thanks.
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Residential UV purifiers don't generally come as a "system" with filters and such. They are standalone units that are installed downstream of any other treatment equipment. Based on your water quality tests, the upstream components will vary. In my case, all I needed when I built my house was a regular Culligan softener. I installed a UV unit almost as an afterthought.

If you want to look into ozonators, try One of the ugliest websites ever but the products are good.
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